5 Reasons Why You Will Love The New Men's Parka

A breakthrough in eco-innovation, our Men's Parka is the lightest, warmest, most stylish eco-friendly winter jacket you've ever seen. Read the 5 reasons why you will absolutely love our new Men's Parka!

1. The outer lining is made from Hemp Herringbone. A new, tight weave made from hemp and organic cotton. A beautiful fabric that’s incredibly durable, supple and comfortable.

2. It’s lined with Rinnova Eco lining. A lightweight alternative to the industry standard of goose feathers, made from post-consumer PET bottles.

3. Its unsurpassed water and wind resistance due to HoodLamb’s patented Hemp Cellulose Weather Treatment, a plant-based coating that completely blocks wind, rain and snow. Hemp Cellulose is one of the first organic alternatives to the chemical treatments most jackets undergo.

4. It features a new “can't-believe-its-not-real” Faux Fox Fur, a beautiful soft vegan fur made from recycled fabrics and interwoven with hemp fibers for comfort and breathability.

5. It features all the signature extras you can expect from a HoodLamb jacket; inside secret pockets, (vegan) fur-lined handwarmer pockets, a microfiber lined sunglass pocket, loops to keep your earplugs in place and wind-catchers to keep the wind from sneaking up your sleeves.

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