HoodLamb Ambassador Laurens de Groot

One of our most important brand values is respecting our environment and all of its inhabitants. With our jackets we try to set a new course in the fashion industry. Moving away from polluting fast fashion and setting a new path of well designed, long-lasting products that are made in a sustainable, ethical way.

We are inspired by people that share this mindset and dare to take a stand against environmental issues, human exploitation and animal cruelty.

One of these people is Laurens de Groot, long-time HoodLamb friend and environmental activist currently hosting the TV Show Ivory Wars on Discovery Channel. We’d love to introduce you to him and the amazing work he does to protect elephants, rhinos and other endangered species from money-driven poachers.

In one sentence: what do you do?
Look for innovative solutions to prevent wildlife crime.

What is ShadowView?
ShadowView is the foundation we use to develop and implement these innovative solutions. One of our most important assets is the use of drones for conservation and humanitarian goals.

How do you use these Drones?
We help rangers in natural reserves to find and prevent poaching. We use sensors and thermal camera’s to see what goes on at night. With the help of these drones we can spot poachers from lots of distance and intervene accurately.

Where are you operating at this moment?
Our technology is used all over the world. We are currently active in South Africa, Kenya and Malawi.

What do you aim to achieve with ShadowView?
Using technology is one of the biggest advantages we have over the poachers. We want to use this technology to save wildlife and keep them safe in the reserves.

How can we help?
ShadowView isn’t funded by governments but by private donations. If you want to support our our work, you can find donation options at www.shadowview.org

You are airing Ivory Wars on Discovery Channel. What’s it about?
We follow a special team trained in military tactics (two navy SEALs and an intelligent officer) that train the rangers in Kenya to help in the fight against elephant poaching.

Plans for the future?
Keep protecting the endangered species. I’d like to focus on the ugly animals, like vultures (almost extinct due to witchcraft practices) and pangolin (captured and killed for chinese medicine).

You’ve been a friend of the company for a long time and went through a lot of HoodLambs. How was your experience so far?
I’ve travelled from the Antarctic to the African Bush and HoodLamb has always been pleasant to wear. It kept me warm in the cold Oceans and felt light and breezy in the African planes.

We’re partnering with Laurens on a new line of Shadow View merchandise. We can’t wait to start this collab and support Laurens in his fight to protect endangered species. More news will follow soon!

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