10 Questions For HoodLamb Designer Annemarie Baurdoux

Ethical fashion boutique, Lookie Lou, recently did an online interview with our talented designer Annemarie Baurdoux. Check out this nice interview to get a glimpse at her influences, inspirations, and philosophies.

1. What three words best describe your design aesthetic?
Functional, clean, and a bit bold at times.

2. What do you love most about being a clothing designer?
I love creating, and solving problems. When making outerwear, I have an idea in my head, and then getting it to the final version is like a big puzzle—working with our team, thinking of all the details, parts, and ways to make it sustainable. And it’s beautiful when in the end it all comes together and you see someone on the street wearing and enjoying your product.
3. Who is your favorite designer?
I like street/sportswear-inspired designers like Alexander Wang and Kris van Assche, with clean lines and attention to details, but often feel disappointed with their fabric choices. Stella McCartney is the only famous designer in the industry who is really taking a stance for the environment. I can’t say her style is my favorite, but I love what she stands for. Furthermore, I have a weakness for Scandinavian design.
4. Why did you decide to design a line of hemp clothing and outerwear?
When I started to work for Hemp Works (Europe’s first Hemp store) years ago, I was already a vegetarian and big into sustainability. When I learned about hemp and all its benefits, I found it amazing. They were already making and selling hemp clothing, but back then there were very few good looking items. When the founder of HoodLamb, Douglas Mignola, started making his own clothes, I was very excited to get involved.
5. Describe a benefit of hemp fashions that people might not know.
There are so many well-known benefits, but as far as outerwear goes, hemp is the strongest natural fiber on earth (after spider silk, that is), making it very suitable to make jackets! From an environmental point of view, the production of hemp does not require any pesticides and far less water than, say, cotton production.
What people may not know about HoodLamb is that we make completely vegan clothing: Even our own developed faux-fur is entirely animal-free and part hemp and recycled PET.
6. Which celebrity or famous person would you most like to wear your line, and why?
Pharrell Williams would be great! I really love his Bionic Yarn incentive with G-Star. And he’s a great musician. Of course, Gisele Bundchen, Leonardo Dicaprio, Alicia Silverstone, Brad Pitt, and many other celebs who support great sustainable projects. They have the funds and the necessary influence to help make many people aware of the importance of sustainable fashion. I would be happy if any of them wear our line.
7. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I have been drawing ever since I remember, and I loved knitting and sewing clothes for my dolls. I always knew I had to do something creative. I had to make things. And I was really into wildlife and the planet. So I guess I’m pretty happy where I ended up.
8. Three artists on your iPod mix right now:
Believe it or not, I don’t have an iPod, not for years now. But recently I’ve been listening to Monobloco, which is Brazilian funk-infused percussion.
9. Book you are currently reading:
Since I have a young daughter, I haven’t read anything recently…unless reading the same bedtime stories over and over again counts.

10. What’s your secret to success?
I think with HoodLamb we really try to make nice clothes that fit well and are flattering in the first place. The fact that they are sustainable and hemp is a big bonus.

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