HoodLamb On A Mission To Legalize Industrial Hemp

Recently HoodLamb founder Douglas Mignola traveled to Colorado to meet with leaders in the fast growing political movement to legalize industrial hemp in the United States.

Industrial hemp agriculture became illegal in the USA after it was criminalized decades ago under an antiquated law which places the crop in the same category as marijuana. Frequently misunderstood, industrial hemp is different from marijuana in that it contains no THC, and has no psychoactive properties.

Rather, industrial hemp has countless nutritional, textile, and energy applications. It is also one of the most sustainable crops in the world - actually returning nutrients to the earth and requiring less than a quarter the amount of water to grow than cotton.

The United States is the last developed country in the world that still has a ban on industrial hemp.

Over the coming days and weeks we’ll bring you the story of Ryan Loflin, a Colorado farmer from Springfield, whose quest it is to revitalize his community and build a future for his children, by bringing hemp farming to his region. He celebrated his first success last year when he harvested the first hemp crop in the United States since the 1950s.

Watch Ryan lay the groundwork for hemp farming and processing in Springfield using the simple infrastructure in his barn and the strength of his own two hands.

At HoodLamb we believe that together with Ryan, other hemp entrepreneurs, and your support, we can end the prohibition on industrial hemp, bring back crucial jobs in agriculture and manufacturing, and produce HoodLamb apparel in the USA.

As a symbol for our cause we’ve chosen the image of George Washington, who at the founding of the United States was a hemp farmer. Today he would be arrested and imprisoned for what, at the time, was a respectable occupation. Help us “Free George” by joining the fight to reinstate industrial hemp as a legal agricultural product.

To support our cause sign our petition to the United States government here. 

Join our Facebook community and post your photo with our campaign flyer.
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