Rethinking Product Photography With Annegien van Doorn

In fashion, product photograpy usually follows a standard principal; to generate clean images of an item, or compositions of items, complemented by suggested accessories. For HoodLamb’s SS15 collection, however, we decided to take a more artistic approach in order to bring more of the brand’s spirit and innovation into our product imagery. To help us achieve this we approached Amsterdam-based visual artist, Annegien van Doorn, to bring in her unique talent and perspective.

Through the eyes of Annegien, any object can change into something else, despite the clear purpose for which it may have been designed. Accordingly, in her work, Annegien carries out subtle interventions, like rearranging ordinary objects and placing them in new contexts. As she puts it, “minor events thus are transformed into monumental ones and the familiar becomes uncommon”. By documenting these tableaus with a photo or video camera, the objects are freed from their original purpose and take on a new meaning or relevance.

Over the coming weeks, we will feature Annegien’s series in our newsletter campaigns, each time featuring a key item from the Spring/Summer collection. Our recently released “Tech-sploration” campaign is the first in this series, and beautifully places the Summer Tech 4/20 in a context of brightness, travel, and exploration.

Read more about Annegien van Doorn on her website: and sign up for our newsletter to get all of her original compositions.

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