The Amazing Environmental Benefits Of Hemp

From June 1st until June 7th, our American friends & colleagues celebrate Hemp History Week. A national education campaign to bring to light the amazing benefits of hemp, and the amazingly ludicrous policy the U.S. Government continues to enforce. Tens of thousands of people across the country are celebrating the history of hemp farming and learning about the benefits and opportunities it could bring to American industry. 

HoodLamb has been a hemp pioneer since the early 1990s. As a brand we are committed to leveraging its many benefits to create stylish, durable, sustainable clothing.

Hemp is a bast fibre and naturally sustainable. It grows well on land unsuitable for food production and may help re-cultivate soils polluted with contaminants such as heavy metals. It provides one of the strongest and most durable natural fibres available today. 

Growing hemp is far more sustainable than cotton. 

A hemp plant grows very quickly and requires only half the amount of water that other agricultural crops do. Hemp enriches rather than depletes the soil by shedding its leaves throughout the season, creating a rich compost. 

Insects don't bug the hemp plant so it doesn't need any pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers to grow. Hemp is considered a carbon negative raw material because its growth actually produces an outlet of CO2 from the earth's atmosphere. 

Hemp has been used to make garments for thousands of years. Its yarn is firm and though, making it the perfect fabric for durable clothing.

Our mission to #FreeGeorge

HoodLamb strongly believes that legalizing hemp would bring a clean, eco-industry to the USA, create jobs and stimulate the economy and therefor has started a petition to urge politicians to end the prohibition on hemp. 

Support our cause to #FreeGeorge and sign the petition on

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