Douglas meets Ryan Loflin, the first American hemp farmer in decades

2013 marks an important year for the Industrial Hemp Movement in the USA. Ryan Loflin, plants and harvests hemp, making headlines as the ‘first’ hemp farmer in decades. Literally betting his 1200 acre family farm in Springfield, Colorado, Loflin planted a few acres of industrial hemp a year before the Colorado Department of Agriculture established rules and regulations over the controversial crop. 

Douglas met up with this courageous and inspiring hemp farmer to discuss the potential of growing hemp on American soil. In this video Ryan walks Douglas through his hemp fields and discusses the agricultural possibilities, the personal struggles he faces as a hemp pioneer, and diverse purposes of industrial hemp.

At HoodLamb we believe that together with Ryan, other hemp entrepreneurs, and your support, we can end the prohibition on industrial hemp, bring back crucial jobs in agriculture and manufacturing, and produce HoodLamb apparel in the USA.

To support our cause sign our petition to the United States government here and join our community on Facebook.

This video is part of our series on the story of Ryan Loflin. Stay tuned for the personal story of Ryan Loflin - to be released soon.

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