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HoodLab - meet our agents in Denver, Colorado

Adam Dunn, co-founder and former partner of HoodLamb, moved to the States in 2011 to plant the flag for HoodLamb in Colorado. Together with his partner, Cici Dunn, he opened HoodLab, a creative agency that organizes pop-up events, runs the Hoodlab online shop, and operates as a HoodLamb showroom.  As part of our Human Connection series, we want to introduce you to this pioneering couple that represents HoodLamb in Colorado.

Adam Dunn at his new creative space HoodLab in Denver, Colorado

From an early age, Adam Dunn has been fascinated by the benefits and purposes of hemp. In 1989, at the age of 19, Adam (originally from Woodstock, NY) moved to Amsterdam, the world’s undisputed hemp capital at the time. Together with Douglas Mignola he founded Hemp Works, the first bricks and mortar store in Europe selling all things hemp. It was at Hemp Works where the first HoodLamb jackets were sold and the brand was born.

After 17 years, Adam left the Netherlands to move back to the States where changes in the political climate were opening doors to new opportunities for hemp entrepreneurs. The legalization of medical marijuana had started a new wave of interest in all things hemp related and, although industrial hemp farming was still considered illegal according to federal law, the tide seemed to be changing.

Adam and Cici transformed an abandoned warehouse into the creative hub and base for Hoodlab, operating as a store, showroom, gallery and event space. As US distributors for HoodLamb, they set up partnerships and launched custom collections with local brands and artists like GrassRoots California, The London Police, Jeremy Fish, Aaron White, Galo and Red Bull.

They are also key drivers of grassroots campaigns which support the growing hemp movement in the US, including creating the modern day Betsy Ross hemp flag, and helping Ryan Loflin to hand-harvest the first large-scale hemp crop since the 1950s. Most recently they are raising awareness and support for the legalize industrial hemp movement through the #FreeGeorge campaign.

Adam Dunn from HoodLab joining Ryan Loflin hand-harvest the first American hemp crop in 60 years.

In 2014, Colorado was one of the first states to end the prohibition on hemp, fueling a wave of economic and political activity which, even today, shows no signs of abating. Due to his expertise and experience, Adam has quickly become an important consultant for hemp start-ups, industrial hemp farmers and politicians.

Colorado locals can visit HoodLab and meet Adam and Cici on Saturdays at “The Big Wonderful” a sustainable market on 25th & Lawrence in Denver.  Or find out more about HoodLab here and follow their projects on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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