Vegan lifestyle blogger Henya Mania

Henya Mania in her Nordic Parka

This year we discovered the exciting life of vegan world traveller and blogger (and so much more!) Henya Mania. Besides sending her a HoodLamb to take on her journeys, we asked her to answer some of our most burning questions. Check out Henya’s world at

What is your name, age & blog?
Heya! My name is Henya, I'm 28 years old and my blog is Henya Mania on Yt and IG

What are your favorite (vegan/sustainable) clothing brands?
Hoodlamb has to be number one! The Nordic parka coat literally saved my life in Iceland :)

Where do you find your style inspiration?
I absolutely love Korean and Japanese street fashion, boho and practical minimalist fashion as well, so my style is very eclectic.

What is your most treasured piece of clothing?
I try not to attach myself to clothes as much and have my clothes serve me rather than vice versa, but I have a vegan pair of shorts I've been wearing for literally years and I love them so much! Got them at The Vegan Woman.

What are your favorite stores in London (or other city)?
Sadly I'm not a big 'in real life" shopper and I get most things online.

What are your favorite instagrams/blogs?
Simply kenna, kicki yang zhang and audrie storm

What (if any) are the biggest challenges to maintaining a sustainable/vegan lifestyle and how do you deal with these?
Honestly being vegan is the easiest thing I’ve even done. I also travel the world so it complicates things a bit when i arrive in a new country and don’t know the language. But i’ve always managed to find vegan food everywhere i am, so it’s all good. no excuses :)

Henya Beanie


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