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Louise Trolle

"Hey HoodLambs! My beautiful new winter furry hoody has arrived! Now that the weather in Ibiza has turned windy, humid, and raw, it has already become like a second skin. As a yoga fan, I rely on my furry hoody to help me retain body heat in between sessions - the legwarmers stay on all the time as my favorite old-school accessory! The hemp fabric adapts perfectly to the room or outdoor temperature and molds so well to my body that my HoodLamb gear becomes an extension of me during the winter and really helps my practice - I literally ‘live’ in HoodLamb. Thanks for pouring love into into everything you create - I choose to wear hemp because of you guys and am forever grateful! Lets take on the world! "X
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Matteo 'Tommy' Castioni

"When it snows I drop everything and head for the mountains with my friends. I love to fly through the air and do big backflips, I think it's the best feeling there is.X
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