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Our Roots

In the early nineties, HoodLamb began as a simple wish. To feel warm, comfortable, and protected after an exhilarating day surfing the cold waves of the North Sea.

We had the idea of creating a warm, durable jacket that looked great and was designed from natural fabrics. It took some time, experimentation, and innovation to get it right but we found hemp, the earth's strongest natural fiber, and we have been using it in all of our apparel since.

Twenty years later we have pioneered the hemp apparel industry with our attentive care to balancing great looking style and function. Our clothes, from durable outerwear to soft knits, are made from hemp and high quality organic and recycled materials. They are designed to look great, last long, and exist in harmony with nature.

Our Philosophy

Our Team

We are conscious, creative professionals who have come together with a mission to make something that matters and which exists in harmony with the environment.

As part of this mission HoodLamb is committed to supporting the hemp farmers in Northern China whose families have worked the land for generations, creating the best hemp fiber in the world.

China is the world’s largest producer of hemp fiber - the country’s hemp farms are primarily located in the north. For this reason HoodLamb chooses to produce its collection locally in order to support local farmers and the regional textile industry.

HoodLamb hemp is hand sown and hand harvested on small family farms in Northern China. Because hemp is an annual crop HoodLamb produces its collection only once a year using the yield of that year’s harvest to create our fiber. This single batch approach means that:

  • Each jacket represents the unique characteristics of that year’s soil and weather conditions
  • We produce to satisfy demand not to anticipate it
  • HoodLamb clothing does not deplete our natural resources

We take great care that HoodLamb garments are sewn in facilities with clean and safe working conditions. Each season, HoodLamb founder, Doug Mignola oversees the production of our collection in China personally - working side by side with our factory partners to ensure that our premium quality and high facility standards continue to be upheld.

Our Fabrics

Our Fabrics

At the core of our design philosophy lies the use and promotion of hemp. Hemp is one of the most environmentally friendly fabrics in the world and has been used throughout the ages for innumerable purposes. As one of the strongest fibers on the planet, it is also the most resource-efficient, adding nutrients to the soil and requiring absolutely no pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers to grow.

We are committed to developing the most innovative hemp based fabrics and treatments possible so that our products are not only comfortable and durable, but also sustainable. To achieve this work with experts both in China and around the world experimenting with fabric blends and plant based treatments using hemp.

Through HoodLamb’s use of eco-friendly materials and the team’s personal involvement in each step of the design & manufacturing process, the brand has created international awareness about sustainable production and consumption in the fashion industry. The HoodLamb collection demonstrates that great style does not have to come at the expense of a healthy environment.

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