At HoodLamb we are proud to use only the highest quality hemp and other organic and recycled materials in our collection. 
We believe that by combining eco-friendly materials with innovative and timeless design, fashion and sustainability can be perfectly joined to protect the environment. 



  • Hemp is one of the world’s strongest natural fibers – second only to spider silk. 
  • Hemp enriches rather than depletes the soil by shedding its leaves throughout the season, creating a rich compost. 
  • Hemp requires about half the amount of water that other agricultural crops do. 
  • Hemp requires no pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers to grow. 
  • Hemp helps to purify the soil, removing heavy metals. 
  • Hemp is considered a carbon negative raw material because its growth actually produces an outlet of CO2 from the earth’s atmosphere 
  • Hemp is free from allergens. 


One of the most innovative ways of making fashion more sustainable is by using post-consumer plastic bottles to make fabric—a technique made possible by advances in recycling technology. The bottles are cleaned and melted down; then the plastic is stretched into a fine thread, which is woven into soft, durable, beautiful fabric. 

- HoodLamb Satifur lining is made using certified organic hemp, recycled plastic, and acrylic. 


Our latest innovation is an environmentally friendly waterproof coating made from organic cellulose derived from the hemp plant. This eco-conscious method of weatherproofing shows outstanding performance in wet, windy or cold conditions, and provides a sustainable alternative to the polluting chemical treatments found in many other weather resistant treatments. 


At HoodLamb we use 100% organic cotton in our fabric blends. Our organic cotton has been grown without the use of any synthetic agricultural chemicals. 


HoodLamb products are naturally free of harsh chemicals and toxins that can harm the skin. In addition, all metal components of our clothing, including snaps, buttons, pins, and labels, meet EU anti-nickel regulation requirements. 


Hoodlamb’s unmistakable packaging has been developed with as much care and attention for the environment as our clothes, using recycled materials and a minimum of ink to reduce print footprint. 
HoodLamb cardboard boxes are made from 85% recycled paper and features organic hemp cord handles. HoodLamb plastic bags are made from recycled plastic.

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