Our Production

Our Production

At HoodLamb we’ve been passionately making the best possible stylish and sustainable outerwear for over twenty years. Get to know us better with a quick overview of HoodLamb essentials in At A Glance, or dive deeper into our story in Our Story and Our Production.

Sustainable Materials

Through our craft approach to manufacturing and use of eco-friendly materials we have created international awareness about sustainable production and consumption in the fashion industry. The HoodLamb collection demonstrates that great style does not have to come at the expense of a healthy environment.

Production Values

HoodLamb garments are sewn in a few factories handpicked by us for their quality standards, excellent working conditions, and outstanding production and research facilities. Most of these facilities are family owned and HoodLamb is proud to use their centuries old wisdom, expertise, and craftsmanship to create our collection.

To ensure the consistent quality of HoodLamb garments and working conditions, our team makes annual visits to the hemp fields, mills and factories where HoodLamb’s raw materials and garments are grown, harvested, and sewn.


We believe in making clothes that last. In a world where fashion has become disposable that means we do things differently.

We select only the best natural hemp fiber that has been grown chemical free on family farms. We create our collection once a year, in lockstep with nature’s harvest, so that we do the least possible harm to the environment and make things worth keeping. And we guarantee that your HoodLamb has been made with a lot of care and attention, so that it is kind to you as well as the planet.

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