Our Story

Our Story

At HoodLamb we’ve been passionately making the best possible stylish and sustainable outerwear for over twenty years. Get to know us better with a quick overview of HoodLamb essentials in At A Glance, or dive deeper into our story in Our Story and Our Production.

Our Roots

In the early nineties, HoodLamb began as a simple wish. To feel warm, comfortable, and protected after an exhilarating day surfing the cold waves of the North Sea.

We had the idea of creating a warm, durable jacket that looked great and was designed from natural fabrics. It took some time, experimentation, and innovation to get it right but we found hemp, the earth's strongest natural fiber, and we have been using it in all of our apparel since.

Twenty years later we have pioneered the hemp apparel industry with our attentive care to balancing great looking style and function. Our clothes, from durable outerwear to soft knits, are made from hemp and high quality organic and recycled materials. They are designed to look great, last long, and exist in harmony with nature.

Our Team

We believe we are all connected. Our team, though geographically dispersed, often comes together in the Amsterdam head office, to work and play. We also make sure to build and maintain close relationships with the global community that helps to grow, produce, sell and support HoodLamb. All of us are joined as pioneers to bring hemp to the forefront of fashion with the aim of creating a true revolution.

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